Beyond the Horizon


Working with students (ages 9-10) of Marjorie Tobias Elementary school in Daly City, California. Our workshops began with brainstorming and generating themes, then on into drawing, coloring, and finally painting together. The youth retain full ownership of their mural, having generated the entirety of the project under my facilitation. Assisted by Flavia Mora, in partnership with Precita Eyes Muralists. “Above the water there is breath of fresh ideas, roaming in Elementary school halls, a colorful new potential on classroom walls. Visual history of delving deep in the sea inspires, children drawing memories from their eyes, now soaring for the skies. Reimagining a world beyond horizons, where eagles glide beneath clouds, as whales breach creating splashing sounds. Students paint beyond possibilities, as ponies surf on rainbows, bears skate on forest roads, and children get to rest from academic modes. Imagination ignites when the paintbrushes stride, and as the sun sets tranquility strikes. Beyond The horizon.”